Which elements in your leadership are most lacking? (214-5)

God is the ultimate leader and the obvious place to start when looking at elements of individual leadership. Read Genesis 1:1-31.

God initiated the creation of the universe. He made something from nothing. God demonstrated the use of a step-by-step process over a period of time to bring order out of disorder. Because the process took six days to complete doesn’t mean God did not have an end in mind when He started the project. Being God, He could have jumped over the process to the end product in an instant but He chose to utilize a specific process. The following are just a few truths that leaders can learn from God’s process in creating the universe:

  • God had a finished product in mind. He knew what earth and the heavens would look like before he began.
  • God was present during the process.
  • The creative process required God’s time and energy.
  • God developed a plan to get from the beginning of the project to the final product.
  • God’s plan included a time line with a starting point and a completion point.
  • The process of getting to the finished product had intentional steps to completion. No step was skipped for the sake of time and no steps were added for lack of planning at the start of the project.
  • The project was laid out in a logical pattern starting with the big picture and with each step layering in more detail and each preceding step of the plan formed a foundation for the next plan element.
  • God evaluated the work of each step before proceeding with the next step in the process.
  • God modified His creation as needed to accurately fulfill the purposes of the original goals. He not only divided light from dark in day one but modified those elements in day four to separate day from night establishing specific light for the day and other lights for the night.
  • God established limits to specific plan elements and assigned tasks within those limits.
  • God gave the necessary resources for the plan to succeed.

Effective leaders understand the project at hand, know the end results, establish a time line and process and, since we are finite in our wisdom and knowledge, pray constantly seeking guidance of the One and only source of creativity and leadership.

  • Which of the elements above are most utilized in your leadership and which is most lacking?
  • Write a single sentence describing how you will thank God for your strength area and develop skills in your weakness area.

(Week 65 Day 1)

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