What situations from your past uniquely qualify you for leadership? (70-1)

God established certain laws and principles that everyone lives by. Even leaders God specifically chooses need time and experience to grow and prepare for effective leadership. Read Exodus 2:1-4:31.

Because of a law passed by Pharaoh concerning Jewish baby boys, Moses was one of a few of his generation that survived and then only through divine circumstances. Ironically, Moses not only survived but was raised by Pharaoh’s daughter as part of Pharaoh’s extended family. Moses spent 40 years in Pharaoh’s family learning how to be a royal leader.

As a man, Moses “…went out to his brethren and looked at their burdens.” When he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, Moses killed the Egyptian and buried his body in the sand. Moses instincts as a leader gave him a desire to help his people but his immaturity as a leader had him attempting to do the right thing the wrong way. Some of the leadership principles Moses had learned in the palace fit human wisdom i.e. the most powerful will prevail, but not God’s way.

Because he murdered an Egyptian, Moses had to flee Egypt. Even though a new chapter in Moses’ life was about to open, the training as a royal leader became a part of Moses’ leadership DNA. God allows every leadership situation for a reason and mature leaders call on every previous experience to be effective.

God put Moses through another 40-year leadership training school in his new home in the land of Midian. Because Moses exerted some leadership traits at a water well where male shepherds were treating female shepherds unfairly he found favor with the father of one of the female shepherds, a man named Jethro. Later Moses married Jethro’s daughter and then worked for his father-in-law for 40 years as a shepherd. During these years God trained Moses in leadership survival skills as the shepherd (leader) of sheep, an animal that is very weak when attacked, is not loyal to any one lead sheep and will follow any sheep that chooses to lead regardless of their qualifications, even if that involves going the wrong direction.

God prepared Moses for leadership over a number of decades. Leaders are always developed in a slow pot cooker not microwave ovens. Developing leadership skills over a period of time under different circumstances deepens a leader’s maturity, perspective and understanding. Effective leaders grow in every developmental situation.

What situations from your past uniquely qualify you for your current leadership position? Write a paragraph detailing the transferable principles of leadership that you have carried from previous experiences into your current position.

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