Do you give meaningful direction and purpose to your team?

Are you giving meaningful direction and purpose to your team?God established purpose for lives He created. Read Genesis 1:22-25.

God gave His creation a charge to “Be fruitful and multiply…each according to its kind.” Life needs purpose. Among the most unhappy individuals in my sphere of influence are those who do not know why they are here and what God wants them to accomplish. They are seeking meaningful direction and purpose.

Effective leaders understand the need for meaningful direction and purpose and help their team to understand how they fit into the team and what is expected from them. Just as God gave a specific charge to each “…living creature according to its kind,” effective leaders know the strengths and natural affinity areas of their team members and use them where their strength makes the greatest positive difference in the outcome.

Effective leaders give meaningful direction and purpose to those on their team.

  • Which members of your team are not succeeding?
  • Have you given them a clear purpose for their work and succinct expected outcomes?
  • Fix what you can fix in your leadership style concerning purpose and expected outcomes and re-evaluate this teammate in 6 weeks.

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