Can a leader recover and learn from failure?

Learn from FailureTrue leaders learn from failure. Adam and Eve were a perfect compliment for each other and were co-leaders over creation. Eve was a leader who learned from her failure. Read Genesis 4:1-5:5.

Eve lived in a world that was free of pain, heartache and sin. Her choice to follow Satan rather than God brought devastating consequences to earth that we still suffer with today. Eve exchanged her life without pain for a hostile world with a brutal environment and even became the first mother to endure the heartache of a murdered child. Yet Eve demonstrated an ability to recover from failure and move forward.

True Leaders Learn from Failure

Eve restored her relationship with God and when her firstborn child arrived, she acknowledged her dependence on God by saying “I have acquired a man from the Lord.” Later when her son Seth was born, she expressed gratitude to God by saying, “For God has appointed another seed for me instead of Able, whom Cain killed.”

Eve did not reject God or question Him as she did in the garden. There is nothing in scripture that indicates that she allowed a root of bitterness to spring up after being evicted from the garden and having a son murdered and she was willing to accept the consequences of her choices and learn from her mistakes. She seemed to rejoice in God’s grace to allow life to come from her even though she brought death to mankind.

Like Eve, effective leaders learn from failure.

When is the last time you really blew it? What did you learn from that failure? If you did not get better but turned bitter, what is your first step to turning that around?

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