Leadership Principles

Biblical Leadership Principles by Barry Werner

Which elements in your leadership are most lacking?

God is the ultimate leader and the obvious place to start when looking at elements of individual leadership. Read Genesis 1:1-31.

God initiated the creation of the universe. He made something from nothing. God demonstrated the use of a step-by-step process over a period of time to bring order out of disorder. Because the process took six days to complete doesn’t mean God did not have an end in mind when He started the project. Being God, He could have jumped over the process to the end product in an instant but He chose to utilize a specific process. The following are just a few truths that leaders can learn from God’s process in creating the universe: Continue reading

When is the last time you evaluated your organizational structure? (214-4)

Effective leaders pay attention to structure and organization to insure the structure continues to benefit the organization’s mission. Read Deuteronomy 1:1-15.

The universe has overwhelming evidence of God’s use of structure and organization in the intelligent design of creation.  Even the simplest living organism is more complex and subtle than the most sophisticated computer. The Bible gives insight into God’s instructions concerning structure and organization to Moses, the leader He chose to lead His people from a time of slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land. When carrying total responsibility for leadership of the people of Israel overwhelmed Moses, God encouraged him to change the organizational structure so as to channel more of Israel’s human resources to fulfill the leadership needs. Wisely Moses accepted God’s counsel. Continue reading

Does your organizational structure still effectively serve the needs of your organization? (214-3)

Effective leaders create structure that addresses the methods by which resources flow through the organization to accomplish work. Read Numbers 11:1-35.

When Moses couldn’t handle all of the responsibilities of leading Israel, God told him to enlist seventy qualified persons, empower them and allow them to help to carry the burden. Moses was overwhelmed and the people under-served so God took action. The existing system wasn’t working so He changed it. It wasn’t about “who’s the boss”, it was about who would serve the people. Continue reading

Are you experiencing some negative effects from the lack of structure in your organization? (214-1)

Well-led organizations can accomplish more than any individual can hope to accomplish. Read Exodus 18:1-27.

Moses was overwhelmed by the problems of leading a large number of people. Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, helped Moses to see that organization and structure are essential to effective operation. Not only is work accomplished more efficiently, but people are better served and supported in doing the work. Continue reading

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